House Rules

  • Maintain sobriety, a violation can result in immediate discharge for the protection of other residents
  • Residents are not to use any prescribed medication that is not his/hers, nor abuse any medication or sell any prescribed medications.
  • Lock-boxes must be purchased for medications. All medications, including over the counter, must be kept in the lock boxes at all times. Residents are never to take medications in front of other residents. Recovery Road may cut any lock off in order to perform an inspection if a resident refuses access. 
  • Residents are required to attend AA/NA or other approved self help groups. Residents must attend a minimum of 5 meetings per week for the first month then a minimum of 4 per week thereafter.  If you have been residing with Recovery Road for 2 years or more you may be considered to attend less meetings at the discretion of Recovery Road Directors.  Residents are required to have an accountability slip signed for each meeting and be actively working with a sponsor/mentor. 
  • If on disability or choosing to be unemployed, volunteer work is required, along with attending a daily AA/NA meeting. Your limitations will be considered in determining what is expected.
  • Residents are required to attend the weekly house meeting.  (Work schedule conflict will be excused)
  • Do not enter another resident’s bedroom without prior permission
  • Residents must show RESPECT TOWARDS OTHER RESIDENTS, neighbors and their property. This includes being polite on the house phone and talking to others outside of the house. Never give out another resident's personal information. If the resident is not available, offer to take a message. If a neighbor has concerns provide contact information of the Housing Director or owner.

                 ** The only numbers to be given out are those of Brooke, Preston, and Bill **

  • Residents are expected to be up and out of bed by 8:00am (unless working 2ndor 3rdshift)
  • Chores are to be done by 10:00am each day and the Chore Chart is to be filled out.  On deep clean days once monthly this time can vary if communicated to Go-To Person.
  • Keep house and yard clean at all times (must be guest ready including beds being made).
  • Live by the principles contained in the 12 steps and 12 traditions (honesty, open mindedness, willingness, etc.)
  • No pets of any kind are allowed
  • Must have or be looking for a job.  Residents are required to fill out 10 job applications per week, unless working with an employment agency.  Verification of employment must be provided to the Director or Go-To Person to receive extended curfew.
  • All payments to Recovery Road must be by money order only
  • The curfew for unemployed residents and residents who have been admitted within the last month  is 10:00pm every night. Curfew for employed residents is Sunday-Thursday is 11:00pm; Friday-Saturday is 1:00am. Residents who do not return by curfew and/or do not call will be considered in violation; emergency situations will be considered. 
  • All personal belongings MUST be removed from the property within 24 hours of moving out or being discharged from the program. In the event such personal property remains unclaimed after 24 hours it shall be deemed abandoned and disposed of.
  • Resident is not allowed to take part in any illegal activities. This behavior will jeopardize your ability to stay in the program, no matter how small a part you play in the activity.
  • Personal hygiene must be maintained. Residents must shower a minimum of every other day. Walking barefoot in the house is not permitted. Bedding must be washed at least twice monthly.  Must be fully dressed when outside of bedroom or bathroom.
  • No modifications or alterations to the house of any kind are permitted (including holes in walls from wall hangings, ONLY CORK BOARDS MAY BE USED FOR WALL HANGINGS- if you would like to purchase your own cork boards Recovery Road will hang them for you as long as there is an expectation that they will be left in the home upon your discharge)
  • Smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco is only allowed in pre-approved areas.
  • No violations of parole or probation conditions are permitted. Recovery Road maintains a working relationship with the parole and probation departments. Any violation of parole or probation term, including Breathalyzer test or drug screens, will be reported to the resident's respective agent.
  • No possession of weapons of any kind is permitted on Recovery Road property.
  • Any room, belongings, or person can be searched at any time for any reason.
  • No sleeping / lying on furniture outside of bedrooms is allowed.
  • Eating is only allowed in the kitchen or dining room. ONLY WATER is allowed in bedrooms.
  • Absolutely no threatening, intimidating, lewd or violent behavior will be tolerated. Residents who violate this rule WILL be discharged from Recovery Road immediately and authorities will be called when necessary.
  • No household items containing alcohol and some other items are not permitted in the house and should not be used outside of this house while residing in a Recovery Road home. This includes, but is not limited to: liquid hairspray (must be aerosol), mouth wash, rubbing alcohol, (wipe pads are OK), real flavor extracts (imitation OK), Kombucha,  cough or cold syrups, kratom, medical marijuana, and kava.
  • If a resident is aware of another resident violating Recovery Road rules, and does not bring it to the immediate attention of Recovery Road management, the enabling resident will be considered for discharge from the program. 
  • No parking in the driveway at the Kalamazoo, Wealthy or Eastern houses
  • No loitering in the neighborhood is allowed
  • All residents must breathalyze and show to another resident every morning, night, and after each time returning to the house.
  • The resident is responsible for any guest that is brought into the house. Guests are to respect all Recovery Road rules. If a guest is brought into the house under the influence of any substance they will be asked to leave and the resident will be considered for discharge. Guests are to remain in common areas and are never allowed in bedrooms.  Guests must not be in the home later than 8pm on weekdays and 10pm on the weekend .  Due to Covid19 guest rules are subject to change.
  • No male guests are  allowed on Recovery Road’s women’s property.
  • No overnight outings during the first thirty days in the program.   After thirty days overnights will be approved as follows:  an overnight form must always be filled out, if you are behind in program fees or house fund, or violating rules, including chores not being completed your overnight will NOT be approved.   Go-To People can approve overnight forms if the overnight is for one night only.  This must occur at the house meeting.  If you would like two or more nights out it must be approved by Bill or Brooke.  If you have been residing at Recovery Road for a year or less only one multiple night outing can occur during each month, this is firm.  Go-To People must also fill out a form; these should be signed by another resident in the home at the house meeting.
  • Resident is not allowed, at anytime, at home or away, to engage in sexually explicit activities outside of a personal relationship. This applies to prostitution, posting pictures/videos to OnlyFans, SnapChat Premium or other internet platforms. (If you are being compensated, it is not considered part of a personal relationship.)

It is understood that any violations of Recovery Road rules and expectations may result in loss of privileges or discharge from the program.



Program Fee is $540.00 a month.

* Fee can be paid weekly, bi-monthly or monthly installments

Residents on Disability will pay a prorated amount for the first month at time of moving in, and $540.00 is due on the first of every month thereafter.

* A minimum of $270.00 is required to move in for any self-paying individual.  The first $270.00 is non-refundable and will cover the first two weeks of program fees.


Program Cost Includes:

  • All utilities (gas, electric, water, cable, trash)
  • Wi-Fi is available for computers, smart phones and other devices
  • House phone with free long distance within the US

Each resident pays an additional $5.00 per week towards a house fund. These funds are managed by the residents and are used for buying toilet paper, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dish soap and all cleaning supplies.