"Only by changing our behavior, will we change the outcome of our lives"

Recovery Road, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a group of “Sober Living Houses” with five male houses & four female houses; offering a supportive environment that allows new beginnings for both men and women. Our clients have personal challenges with drug and alcohol dependencies. We provide them with a successful transition to mainstream life.

Exciting news!!  We have opened a new male house location in Muskegon, MI !!


Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide a structured, caring environment free from drugs and alcohol. We are unique in that we try to offer a new way of life. A life of hope and greater opportunity to develop the changes needed for recovery.

We encourage our residents to be proactive in their recovery from drugs/alcohol. They must specifically address their own needs and problems while building on strengths and tapping into their inner resources.

We envision a sober community that works together to create an environment of growth, support and accountability for everyone. Therefore, we stress our primary goal of helping residents focus on recovery as a way of life. We stress that lasting sobriety requires a transformation in attitudes and behavior each day for the rest of your life.

What's the benefit?

According to a two year DePaul University study, published August 2005, led by Leonard A. Jason, PhD, Center for Community Research, individuals living in sober homes have a 65-87% recovery rate without relapse compared to 31% of individuals who went back to their community.